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Augustine is a senior in Boston, Massachusetts.


Overall rating: 3 starsMyFitnessPal is designed to keep track of your daily intake of food and amount of exercise in order to ultimately reach a goal you’ve made for yourself. It requires you to input your meals each day as well as any workouts performed. Each week, the app analyzes your progress so you can see a visual representation of where you’re at in your goals.

Besides personal goals, MyFitnessPal also has easily accessible links to websites and videos that provide motivation to eat well and exercise. I personally love this feature of the app the most because it’s engaging and fun to use and provides lots of reputable information to help me pursue my health goals.

It was helpful to know where most of my calories came from and how many calories I consume on a daily basis, yet on the other hand, I personally don’t think simply counting calories will contribute greatly to leading a healthier life. I think the app was helpful in promoting health and wellness videos to users, but I wish it went beyond counting calories to provide incentive to help users maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Overall, I would recommend this app to someone interested in seeing how what they eat and how much they move affects them each day.”

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