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    Liam K. is a fourth-year undergraduate student at Oregon Institute of Technology.


    Overall rating: 4 out of 5 starsTracy Clayton and Heben Nigatu host the Another Round podcast every Tuesday, covering a variety of topics like current politics, social issues, career advice, relationships, board games, and much more. Each episode includes a guest who is knowledgeable on that week’s topic. The hosts make the podcast fun to listen to, but they also know when to get serious.

    One of the more serious issues they focused on for today’s social issues is the “Me Too” movement. They also cover women’s experiences within the workforce and encourage the listener to stand up for themselves and to do what’s best for them.

    On the more fun side, Another Round has lots of nuggets of advice scattered throughout their podcast. When I was listening to episode 19, for example, I learned that LinkedIn allows you to customize your profile page URL, which I didn’t know!

    Tracy and Heben have a natural ability to allow the conversation to instinctively form. They connect with their guest and have the listener wondering where the conversation will go. I love that they don’t try to solve an issue—rather, they interview people to learn from their experience. The podcast doesn’t offer just one definitive solution; it offers a viewpoint, and I respect that.

    I would recommend this podcast to someone who’s interested in today’s social issues—but who also needs something to listen to for a laugh when doing the dishes.

    Episodes listened to:

    Episode 19: Was that a microaggression or just Tuesday?
    Episode 38: Let black girls be funny
    Episode 109: Me too


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